Wedding DJ Hire

Your wedding is the most important social event of your life, to be celebrated with friends and family, representing every generation, and every stage of your life. And what better way to celebrate your shared bonds than through the music provided by your professional Wedding DJ?

Experienced Wedding DJ

We only provide the best and most experienced Wedding DJs with a minimum of 5 years experience, so all your family and friends have the night of their lives alongside you. Your Wedding DJ will play the songs that are significant to you as a couple, as well as songs that resonate with your grandparents, your work colleagues and your little flower girl. 

Tailoring the music to your wedding

For such a prestigious event we want to meet with you beforehand to discuss which music will draw everyone to the dance floor, from your school-friends to your grandmother, your groomsmen to your flower girl.

We can tailor a music repertoire that reflects your romance, your teenage memories and your friends’ taste. We will work out every detail so you can concentrate on all the other aspects of your wedding planning. And on the night, you can celebrate with your friends and family to the tune of your choosen music.

Need an MC?

Many of the DJs on our team are also highly skilled and experienced Masters of Ceremonies. So if you are looking for a DJ and an MC, why not look at our streamlined package and hire a DJ who doubles as your MC?

A combined DJ/MC will keep the music playing in between entertaining the crowd with smooth polished delivery. 

Same price as any equivalent function

But we don’t charge “wedding” prices. While other services will increase their prices when they discover you’re planning a wedding, our wedding package costs the same as any equivalent package involving the same length of time and number of people. See our packages here.  So if you are looking for the best service at the best price, contact Zenith to discuss your wedding today!