Video & Karaoke Hire

Zenith Roadshow Entertainment proudly delivers the latest top quality entertainment technology to your venue, whether you and your party want to sing Karaoke or dance along to your favourite video hits. Contact us today to arrange your next music event!

Karaoke services

Karaoke is making a resurgence in popularity, and Zenith Roadshow Entertainment is proud to provide the latest technological advances in karaoke, so you can perform with greater star power than ever before! Whatever song you want to sing, we can make it instantly available through our Internet library of tens of thousands of top quality karaoke songs.

Zenith Roadshow Entertainment, in partnership with, is proud to use the highest quality professional ‘cloud’ Karaoke facility, so you can perform to professionally produced songs and video, with bonus technological features such as lead and backing singers to tracks and the ability to independently modify the volume to assist the Karaoke singers on stage.

From an audio / video perspective, we provide top quality wireless microphones so singers can move around the venue if they wish, rather than being restricted to the stage. Your Karaoke entertainers will have the confidence, versatility and technological support to give the performance of a lifetime!

Video karaoke Sydney by Zenith Roadshow Entertainment

The standard Karaoke package includes a 28″ HD monitor to display lyrics for singers on stage.

We can also provide an additional 3.4m wide screen with a short throw projector to encourage audience participation as everyone can see the lyrics and sing along.

If you prefer, we can connect our Karaoke system to your audio and video systems at your venue. Alternately, we can employ our own mobile systems to deliver a top class Karaoke experience to your audience.

Video DJ Services

Our Video DJ services add a visual dimension to your favourite music, with every song accompanied by the associated videos for an all-star performance from your favourite singers, from the 1950s to the latest top request hits. With the same high standard as our Karaoke facilities, we can also utilise your venue’s video facilities if you wish, or we can provide projection screens to share these images.

Contact us to discuss the best video and karaoke options to help make your next event all about the music!